MR Letter – কারখানার মালিক কর্তৃক ইসু হবে।


Date: January 02, 2022


Abul Kalam

General Manager – Compliance


Subject: Senior Management Representative for the implementation of BSCI.

We are pleased to appoint Abul Kalam, General Manager – Compliance as a Senior Management Representative to comply and maintain company’s Social Management System. Mr. Abul Kalam will be responsible in respect of other duties that the BSCI requirements are effectively met. His major responsibilities will be primarily:

  • Comply and maintain BSCI platform standards and with all legal requirement of the land applicable in case of employment and other related activities.
  • Remain committed to an equal opportunity for adult worker with a non-discriminatory attitude and shall use voluntary labor with its premises.
  • Actively support to ensure continuous improvement in BSCI standards.
  • Communicate BSCI activity to the concerned stakeholders and review progress of standard   implementation.
  • Remain committed to the activities which meet the BSCI standards, and where workers have the access to healthy and clean work environment.
  • Give due regards to the conservation of physical environment and motivate its suppliers to comply with BSCI Platform.
  • Have complete independency for decision making and budget allocation to meet the BSCI standards.

The order will come into force from January 02, 2022





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