MR Letter – কারখানার মালিক কর্তৃক ইসু হবে।


Date: January 02, 2022


Kamal Hossain

Asst. General Manager (HR & Admin)


Subject:  Responsible person for updating laws, Regulations, legal rights & duties.

We are pleased to appoint Mr. Kamal, Asst. General Manager (HR & Admin) as a Management Representative to comply, update and implement Laws, Regulations company’s Social Management System. His major responsibilities will be primarily:

  • Comply and update laws, regulations & all legal rights of the land applicable in case of

employment and other related activities.

  • Remain committed to an equal opportunity for adult worker with a non-discriminatory attitude and shall use voluntary labor with its premises.
  • Both employers and employees have formal rights and responsibilities under discrimination, privacy, and work health and safety legislation
  • To meet their ‘duty of care’, the employer must take into account any individual needs an employee may have to ensure they are able to work safely.
  • Have complete independency for decision making and budget allocation to meet the laws, Regulations, legal rights & duties.

The order will come into force from January 02, 2022






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