Sedex Certification | What is 2 & 4 Pillar Audit?

SMETA only covers formal social audits. There are two types of Sedex (SMETA) audit.

SMETA 2- Pillar Audit.

SMETA 4 Pillar Audit.

SMETA (Sedex Audit) | স্মিতা অডিট হল একটি সোশ্যাল অডিট। সাধারণত স্মিতা (সেডেক্স) অডিট দুই প্রকার।

  • দুই পিলার।
  • চার পিলার।

 SMETA 2- Pillar Audit: A SMETA 2-Pillar audit comprises the 2 pillars of;

( 1) Labour Standards.

(2) Health and Safety.

Additional Elements: Universal Rights covering UNGP,  Management Systems, Entitlement to Work, Subcontracting and Homeworking, Environment (shortened)

SMETA 4 Pillar Audit: SMETA 4-Pillar audit includes all the above elements plus the additional pillars of Environment (extended assessment – replaces shortened assessment) and Business Ethics.

That’s means 4 Pillar includes,

1. Labour Standard.

2. Health & Safety.

3. Environment (Extended)

4. Business Ethics.


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